Looking for something else of furniture product?

Yes, this is the right place for you if you have your own designs, or you have some designs from your designer and looking for a company to source the whole package for you, or even you just want to know if you are paying a fair money to your current supplier on some products. Just contact us for a free quotation on any furniture/furnishing products of your choice.
We can source any furniture products for you on the most cost effective rates. Our quotation will be all inclusive with delivery charges to your door / site. The benefit to use us to source products for you is:
1. we have ownerships in many different factory including lighting, bespoke luxury furniture to mass production high-street plastic furniture.
2. We have lower MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity) requirement base on the fact that we have weekly containers importing from far east. Comparing to standard sourcing service which normally requires full container order from each factory. We normally mix different products into different containers to bring for you on the most cost efficient way.Here are some example for the furniture (not including bespoke high end products): Tables: 30 units per style; Chairs 100 units per colour per style; Sofas 20 units per colour per style; Bed 50 units per colour per style; Wardrobes 50 units per colour per style; Lights 20 units per style per size; TV units 50 per colour per style.
3. We have the dedicated team to serve you during the order processing which give you the assurance and efficient communications. We understand your project will require different products or even different batches of products on different dates. It's very commonly for us to get them delivered to our client on different stage of your projects.

Note: For most of our factories in China, we normally promise 10-16 weeks of leading time including production and shipping.

Looking for something else of furniture product?